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7,777 Cubies walking towards the Metaverse | Made by @777studio_ | Discord coming soon…

Mint: Jun 24

Mint Date: Jun 24

Mint Price: TBA

Whitelist: Yes

# of Items: 7,777

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CubeWorld Beta Phase 1 - The start of our open-world play-to-earn experience. Our beta will give you a taste of what CubeWorld has in store for you.

Phase two

CubeX Minting - 7,777 Cubies have been distributed and are on their way to the metaverse. Each Cubie serves as your personal avatar as well as a playable character in CubeWorld.

Phase three

CubeWorld's Official Release - CubeWorld, our metaverse, will be released with three minigames: BedWars, SkyWars, and Laser Tag. Users will be able to compete for $WRLD tokens while playing with their friends. Through scheduled events, games, and exclusive CubeX holder lobbies, NFT holders will earn higher yields of $WRLD tokens!

Phase four

Hubbl Beta - Our main goal is to build a decentralized social media platform for the NFT and crypto space where anyone can freely express themselves without fear of censorship or being shadowed. Hubbl will also include a number of features that are already in use in the NFT and crypto space, all integrated into one platform!

5th Phase

Launch of the Cube Store - The Cube Store will sell cosmetics such as player skins, player upgrades, and other in-game accessories. The Cube Store will be open to all CubeWorld players, with exclusive items for holders, and will be a limited-time shop with new items released each month. We'll have our own in-game currency called $CUBE coin, which will allow you to buy items from the Cube Store!

Sixth phase

Added Game Modes - New minigames and full-length game modes will be integrated into the CubeWorld ecosystem, providing a greater variety of ways to earn $WRLD and be rewarded with $CUBE!

7th phase

Launch of the Hubbl Application - Hubbl will be available on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Holders will gain access to in-app benefits that will be available for purchase by the general public. The following will be the initial application features:

• Wallet Link To Sign In

• Web3 User Profile Highlighting Your NFT Collection

• Home Page for Messages and Stories

• Make connections with other Web3 users based on specific niches.

• Popular Projects & News Updates

• "Alpha" Group Chats in-app

• NFT Market Intelligence

• Gas Detector

• Exciting Upcoming Drops

• Look into NFT Rarities

8th phase

Land Sale & Staking- We will hold a public CubeWorld land sale in which each CubeX holder will be airdropped a plot of land based on the rarity of the NFT; the rarer your CubeX, the closer your plot will be to the community square. Each plot of land can be staked to earn $CUBE coin, which can be spent in the Cube Store. You will be able to build on your land and customize it to your heart's desire!

Other Upcoming Drops

Shell Rebels

May 5

10.000 Shell Rebels on the ethereum blockchain

SignificantSignificant collection


Jun 1

The love for our own planet and its inhabitants is the moving power behind this NFT collection.


Jun 1

Winds are polluted, Earth is polluted. We are AI. Transcend and join us in the cloud. Where life begins. Limited collection of 3000 NFTs

Women in Yoga

Jun 8

Connecting people to yoga through NFT Art living on the Ethereum network. We are artists at heart.

Collections in Secondary Market


Cozy Town

Jun 19

Cozy Town is a collection of 3333 heroes on the Solana blockchain.

Mutant Satoshi Club

Apr 23

Mutant Satoshi club is a NFT collection filled with 10k unique mutant frens

Planet of Harambe

Mar 7

Planet of Harambe is a dope NFT collection of 10000 unique Harambes. $300k prize pool, $600k to charity for gorilla conservation.

Crypto Puppets

Feb 22

CryptoPuppets collection is a series of 111 OG unique puppets designed by the Italian street-artist Lapo Fatai.

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