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Fab Lab

The NFT that financially supports struggling artists.

Fab Lab
Fab Lab
Fab Lab
Mint: Apr 25

Pre-Mint Date: May 3

Pre-Mint Time: 00:00 UTC

Pre-Mint Price: 0.025211 ETH

Mint Date: Apr 25

Mint Time: 00:00 UTC

Mint Price: 0.050422 ETH

Whitelist: Yes

# of Items: 10,000


Token Type: ERC721

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About Collection
Fab Labs is a collection of 10,000 Labrador Retriever NFTs—each with their own unique characteristics living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Fab Labs NFT acts as your exclusive membership to the Fab Labs Community, and gives you exclusive access to member’s only Merch, Meta Drivers metaverse game, upcoming Events, and much more.

Our Road Map is the outline for our plans. Our ultimate goal is to create a real community, in which the Fab Labs HODLers reap long term rewards, wealth, and relationships. In addition to our road map, we have planned the following:
• Donate equipment to individual artists.
• Create small to large venue events as public contests.
• Broadcast live on Twitch and record the events as episodes and seasons on YouTube, Facebook, and other locations.
• All expenses paid trips, only available to the Fab Labs community, so that you can see the real world change you’re making.


1️⃣ Website completed on Nov. 22, 2021
2️⃣ Social media accounts created on Nov. 29, 2021
3️⃣ Blogs created on Nov. 29, 2021
4️⃣ Advertising began on Nov. 29, 2021
5️⃣ Artwork Completed on Dec. 8, 2021
6️⃣ Discord created on Dec. 8, 2021
7️⃣ LLC Established on Jan. 20, 2022
8️⃣ Artwork Uploaded to Pinata on Jan. 31, 2022
9️⃣ Smart Contract Created on March 9, 2022
🔟 Launching on 05.04.22 at 0.050422 in respect of May The 4th Be With You.

2021 Q3: Conception – The idea was born.
2021 Q4: Artwork created – Female Indonesian artist created.
2021 Q4: Social Media – Channels were created.
2022 Q1: Smart Contract – Launch date set as price of 0.050422 eth, only 5 mints per wallet.
2022 Q2: Launch – Private, 24 hour 50% off sale on May 3rd and public Launch on May the 4th (be with us).
2022 Q3: First Artist – Selected by the community, currently will be a young black man who paints.

Plans in the works: Doxxing for transparency. Equipment purchasing as a donation to a young black man who paints, as decided by the community on Discord. 501C3 to be a real charitable organization under U.S. code/law.

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Shell Rebels

May 5

10.000 Shell Rebels on the ethereum blockchain

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Jun 1

The love for our own planet and its inhabitants is the moving power behind this NFT collection.


Jun 1

Winds are polluted, Earth is polluted. We are AI. Transcend and join us in the cloud. Where life begins. Limited collection of 3000 NFTs

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Jun 8

Connecting people to yoga through NFT Art living on the Ethereum network. We are artists at heart.

Collections in Secondary Market

The Parrot Boss

Jun 29

Parrot Boss ™ 6969 epic hand drawn NFT parrots, a unique private collection ready to rule the jungle. powerful utilities for the community

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Lonely Legends

Apr 26

Genesis collection of 5555 Lonely Legends fighting their way to glory in the Metaverse.

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TopTop collection

The Amazons

May 20

NFT Liquidity Protocol + P2E PVP Game: Amazon Battle!


Miyamoto Heritageis

Apr 17

Our goal is to create 10 Japanese-style collections and launch the metaverse. Miyamoto Heritage is the fourth collection

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