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On our quest to find the best NFT marketplaces for you we can’t go on without covering SuperRare. With the center of attention fixed on profile-pic collections and collectibles, SuperRare is easily the best NFT marketplace for artists of unique and 1/1 editions. 

In our marketplace articles, you will find all the info you need about the best NFT sites. Let’s dive in and see what makes SuperRare stand out from the masses.

SuperRare NFT Marketplace



  • Well-designed website with many guides for new users
  • A lot of 1/1 editions
  • NFTs are secured on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • The platform is constantly evolving to stay on top of NFT marketplaces


  • Prices for NFTs can get very high
  • Artists must be invited to be eligible to mint their artwork on the marketplace
  • Gas fees for minting & buying on Ethereum are prone to volatility


The Uniqueness of the Marketplace

SuperRare is definitely a hot contender to be the best NFT marketplace for exclusive artworks. The marketplace is home to some of the best digital artists in web3 and started in 2018 as an NFT marketplace for artists. 

What makes SuperRare truly unique is that rather than being a platform for everyone to mint their NFTs, the platform reserves itself only for artists that are invited to mint NFTs on the marketplace. To be invited, artists can apply via an extensive form and show why their pieces should be presented on SuperRare. Although this is gatekeeping, it is a smart mechanism to prevent rug pulls or other forms of scams that haunt other top NFT marketplaces. 

People can follow their favorite artists which creates a strong relationship between sellers and buyers and is a key aspect of top NFT platforms.

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Buying and Selling Options

Buying and selling on SuperRare are a little different compared to other platforms. To connect to the platform, people need to sign up for an account and share their E-Mail addresses to enter as buyers or sellers. 

Once signed up, users will be greeted by a feed that shows the latest NFTs and artworks that were sold in the last minutes. To bid on a live auction, users can bid on artworks by simply funding their wallet with ETH and bid on the piece of desire. 

Next to auctions, artists can sell their NFTs by reserving the artwork at a certain price or for a single user. On top of that, buyers can propose offers to artists like on other top NFT exchanges. 

Buying an NFT at the list price is another main option for buying on SuperRare. If the listed price for an NFT is too high, users can connect to their artist and see if the price can be negotiated. 

The methods of buying NFTs on SuperRare compare more to classic auction houses than the usual NFT marketplace plus the classic option of offering or buying directly. 

NFT Categories

The artworks on SuperRare differ strongly from what users are used to seeing on many other top NFT exchanges.

Next to the aforementioned 1/1 NFTs, buyers will find NFTs that are minted in series. Series can be interpreted as a pendant to NFT collections, but instead of thousands of generative art pieces, series consist of a smaller number of individual NFTs and are usually created one by one. 

The last category is spaces in which SuperRare users can curate NFTs in galleries. Spaces are an easy way to find NFTs and provide artists with the opportunity to present their art in collaboration with curators on the platform. As we mentioned before; SuperRare’s features to support the art community make it the best NFT marketplace for artists to present their artworks.

Wallets You Can Connect to SuperRare

SuperRare NFT Marketplace

SuperRare lives on the Ethereum Blockchain but users don’t have many options to connect to the marketplace. The only supported wallets are MetaMask, Fortmatic, and Wallet Connect.

Supported Blockchains

Ethereum based NFT Marketplaces

The supported Blockchain for SuperRare is Ethereum. At this point, buyers will only find NFTs that are minted on this Blockchain but there might be more support for other Blockchains in the future.


In this NFT marketplace guide, we covered everything you need to know to get started trading NFTs on one of the best NFT marketplaces on Ethereum. We hope to provide you with valuable insight to find NFTs on SuperRare. Feel free to check out our blog for more tips and guides on NFTs.

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