Results-Driven NFT Promotion Guide: Make Your NFTs Desirable for Anyone

David Karapetyan
Results-Driven NFT Promotion Guide: Make Your NFTs Desirable for Anyone

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In this article, you’ll find out what you need to do to stand out in the tough competition.

Every entrepreneur desires sell-out and high NFT prices. For that to happen, NFT artists and collection creators should implement effective NFT promotion and marketing strategies.

Our team has researched 300+ NFT collections, the top 8 NFT marketplaces, and over 30 videos and podcast episodes to provide you with NFT promotion listicles and the latest market trends, case studies, niche specifics, and mistakes most NFT artists make.

NFT promotion and marketing

With this guide, we’ll provide you with techniques and strategies to release a gem every NFT collector will dream of purchasing.

Before getting into NFT promotion and marketing, let’s dive into why you should release an NFT collection.

Why You Should Release NFTs in 2022

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles — Sun Tzu

If you know yourself and the NFT market, you’ll be able to win the war. Yes, we can consider the NFT market a war because today, we notice a huge supply in the market.

Together, let’s identify why and how you’ll succeed in NFT creation.

what you should know before starting nft promotion

You Don’t Seek Quick and Easy Sales

Back in early 2021, many people who created an NFT succeeded. Only some collections were in the market at that time, and the competition wasn’t as tough as it is now. In 2021, we noticed many fake or scam projects that cheated people into giving their money away.

It was possible to make quick, easy money within the NFT space – but that’s not the case now. Today, people have already increased their knowledge about the NFT space, and many manage to differentiate fake projects from gems (not everyone, of course).

Today it’s impossible to earn quick, easy money in the NFT space.

You Have a Long-Term Vision

Today’s successful NFT projects have long-term goals and are ready for a marathon. With this approach, you’ll be able to continue your activity after the sell-out. You’ll be able to implement a long-term strategy, and as a result, your NFT price will continue to increase.

You Have a Clear Goal

In every industry, business entrepreneurs must have clear plans and goals. You must have a clear idea and vision from point A to B. We suggest you think about this before starting anything. Write down your goals, how you will implement them, and why you will succeed. Why is your NFT a gem compared to others?

Write down these key questions and answers. Once you and your team are ready, you can move forward.

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You Are Ready to Enter the Market

When we learn about or research a new industry, we may feel we have all the necessary knowledge. Simply knowing the basics isn’t enough to start your NFT project.

Should you give up if you are a beginner? Of course not!

To minimize your risk, you should increase your knowledge in the NFT niche, track other projects, and learn the best practices.

Do you know which NFTs will perform well and which won’t? Why have some NFTs successfully increased their Twitter community up to 200K followers?

Take some time to learn more about the niche, market specifics, and other projects. You should only enter the market when you are ready.

You Are Willing to Learn

NFT is new blockchain technology, and we see changes in it frequently, such as new types of NFTs, new marketplaces, new solutions, and utilities. All of this means that you should never stop learning. As a resourceful project manager, you need to be flexible in learning and being up-to-date with the latest trends and news. Are you ready?

You Have a Budget

We haven’t noticed influencers or other experienced people talking about the budget. What’s evident is that you need to have a set budget to start an NFT project.

What’s the required budget to release and promote an NFT collection?

To find out, we polled users on Twitter. Here are the results:

NFT promotion budget

Most NFT creators consider K enough to create and promote NFTs that will become the top in various marketplaces.

Of course, these numbers aren’t accurate. These are general statistics for an approximation. The location factor is big here. A team from India may create and promote an NFT collection for K, whereas another NFT project based in London may struggle with a budget of K.

NFT Promotion: To the Moon

To sell your NFT collection and increase the price, you need to implement effective NFT promotion and marketing strategies. Remember that even if you provide value and utility with NFTs, it isn’t enough.

The first and largest result will bring you hype rather than utility. People will feel the benefits of NFTs after they buy them. But before the sale, your NFT should be desirable for like-minded people. You need to create hype around your NFT, as sales are about emotion.

Here’s a great example. It’s one of the most hyped projects from which we can learn a lot.

Invisible Man NFT promotion

Art Itself Is the First Promotion

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. — Andrew Grant

No matter how obvious it may seem, art is one of the most important factors for NFT promotion. Today it’s quite challenging to succeed in NFTs by generating usual art. It can be challenging to create pixel art or collections such as BAYC unless you are Gary Vaynerchuk or Adidas.

An NFT enthusiast scrolls through hundreds of different NFTs daily.

Your collection should be different from any other NFTs in order to interest buyers and arouse curiosity. Your art should be of the highest quality, magnetic, cool, and of course, unique. Aim to captivate the user’s heart while others copy top projects.

Curious people will look at your Twitter account and website to understand who you are and what you do.

what's high quality NFT art

The Community Reflects Your Power

Creating a loyal community is essential for your NFT marketing and promotion. People looking to buy NFTs pay attention to the community you own. The NFT community hangs out on Twitter and Discord servers. We can consider them as the best place to promote NFTs.


To increase your Twitter followers, you can implement different strategies. Traditional social media marketing takes more time and resources to achieve significant results. Providing valuable, educational content is great but not as effective as implementing an NFT-optimized strategy spiced with giveaways.

Top NFTs use relevant whitelist and giveaway strategies to increase their community on Twitter. Let’s take a look at their experience.

Here’s what you need to do to enlarge your community:

Set clear requirements for getting on the whitelist. NFT enthusiasts want to know how to get on your whitelist and the requirements. Let people help you grow your community in return for being on the whitelist. This is how we see some collections gain 10K followers on Twitter within a day.

whitelisting for NFT marketing

Host giveaways frequently. It’s the best thing you can do for your audience.

Collaborate with other NFT collections. Let other NFT community members know about your upcoming collection. If their NFTs are top, give them a certain number of spots for the whitelist. You can also collaborate with other NFT artists by hosting a giveaway together.

Hosting Twitter spaces will bring trust to your audience and increase awareness inside the niche. People want to talk, share their ideas and listen to like-minded people, so make that happen for them. Have solid contact with the community, and value their ideas and motivations. This is important because NFT is a community.

Let’s introduce you to several projects that have implemented effective NFT promotion on Twitter. Take time to research their activity, and you’ll learn a lot. (We can add some visuals by mentioning NFTs)


Discord, a community platform with its benefits, began as a hub for gamers before expanding to include crypto and NFT enthusiasts. In addition to being a messaging platform, Discord has some unique features such as servers, channels, and bots. Servers are similar to groups on other social media platforms in that they contain channels where people discuss various topics in different chat windows. In addition to reducing chat window clutter, these channels make it easier for people to interact with and follow up with people who share similar interests. Bots are Discord-programmable software that can start conversations.

Because NFTs are popular among the Discord community, your focus and resources for NFT promotion should be directed to discord. Having a powerful Discord server is a must. In addition, you can also draw attention to your NFT by participating in various servers. In either case, if you are not spamming the platform, you can benefit from employing subtle marketing tactics.

You can freely use most of the whitelist and giveaway techniques mentioned in the Twitter section on Discord as well.

A great example of an effective whitelist strategy on Discord, provided by TacticalTurtleClan:

Here are the latest top NFTs for inspiration:

NFT Drop Calendars

When talking about where to promote NFTs, we can’t help but mention NFT drop calendars.

Meet potential buyers by submitting your project on NFT calendars. Calendars are your free NFT promotion; however, if you’d like to increase impressions inside the platform, you can apply for paid NFT promotions.

Most calendars display all NFTs without filtering them. Avoid such calendars as it’s challenging for users to differentiate gems from the trash.

We work hard to provide tools to potential buyers to easily identify quality projects and decide whether to participate in mint.

On NFTDroops, top projects are displayed with a special badge. We highlight quality projects and provide a user-friendly interface.

NFTdroops NFT calendar

Impactful Press Release Distribution

Being published in the top and niche-related media will give you a huge advantage. But here you need to be aware of what you pay. 

Many people think that coverage in the leading media will easily increase their sales. But that’s not really how it works, because there are many factors related to sales, such as community, roadmap, utility, and team.

Now you may ask yourself: why would I pay for such services?

Today hundreds even thousands of fake, scam NFTs release their collections. And the NFT niche doesn’t make trust the audience. Lots of investors struggling to identify high potential authentic NFTs. And for that reason implementing effective Press Release distribution will highlight your NFT from other NFTs by gaining the trust of investors.

Another benefit of Press Release distribution is awareness. Being published on top and related media you’ll increase awareness of your NFT. In short, you notify potential whales about your NFT.

Thus by implementing an effective PR campaign you’ll also increase the value of your NFT. 

As Seth Godin once said: “Marketing is about attention and trust”.

If you consider PR in your NFT promotion we are happy to help you. Each month we help dozens of NFTs to increase their awareness and trust via an effective PR campaign. Click to learn more.

Include Influencers and Niche Authorities to Gain Trust

You need to include influencers in your NFT promotion and marketing campaign to increase your awareness and build trust. Be careful when choosing influencers, especially when it comes to mega influencers. Don’t forget that they have a lot of haters too.

Of course, you can pay influencers to promote your NFT, but you’ll feel a big impact when you team up with niche authorities.

Including NFT authorities as advisors on your team will build trust with your audience and NFT buyers. People trust people, not companies. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Set criteria to choose influencers and authorities.
  2. Make a list of potential candidates.
  3. Reach out to them and attempt to schedule a meeting.

You’ll receive insights, generate new ideas, and learn a lot by talking with niche experts. With the right advisers, you’ll be able to implement your targeted goals and complete the roadmap.

NFT influencers

Themed Groups as an Alternative Way of Promotion


Join Reddit communities where NFT buyers and artists hang out. Be active and interact with the audience. By talking with them, you’ll get new ideas and insights to update your marketing strategies. Promote your NFT on Reddit, let people talk about it, and share their opinion.

Reddit will be free NFT promotion. If you are smart and experienced in Reddit, we’re sure you’ll benefit from it.

Reddit NFT communities


Telegram groups are becoming popular in the NFT niche. The channels on telegram aren’t as big as they are on Discord. However, as small as their audience is, they are loyal. Sometimes, collaborating with small communities is more effective than in large communities.

Try to collaborate with themed channels and promote your upcoming collection there.

Here are the top Telegram channels that might be effective collaboration partners. In this list, you’ll find a bunch of NFT promoters.


Another way of NFT promotion is newsletters. Most NFT marketplaces, media, and NFT calendars send newsletters several times per week. So, what should you do? Simply contact and ask them to include your drop in their upcoming newsletter. It’ll most likely be a paid promotion depending on the marketplace.

NFT Promotion Mistakes to Avoid

When implementing NFT promotion, many people make mistakes. When researching more than 300 collections, we gathered the most common mistakes to avoid. Let’s go through them.

  • Avoid mass messaging on Discord. Unfortunately, many projects use this negative way of NFT promotion hoping that people will see the message and buy their NFT. This trick is useless and harmful, as no successful NFT collection reaches out to people asking to buy it.
  • Don’t set large and unrealistic goals in your roadmap that you aren’t confident you can achieve. With such an approach, the audience won’t trust you, and all your hard work will be lost. Some people may believe in that, but others will doubt it. As a project leader and authority figure, you need to be transparent before your community.
  • Don’t release collections with a large number of NFTs if you aren’t confident you can sell them all. Many newbies release collections with 10,000 NFTs, which are more difficult to sell than those with 7,888 NFTs.
  • Don’t set a cheap price for mint. A cheap price doesn’t mean your NFT will be more desirable. Cheap pricing has its negative side. Seeing the low price, people will consider it as a weak, low-quality NFT collection. People associate low prices with low quality.
  • When conducting NFT marketing and promotion, don’t focus solely on the numbers. When researching other NFT activities, we noticed a lot of large Twitter accounts and Discord servers without a community, which didn’t guarantee their success.

Accelerate Your Research

To implement results-driven NFT marketing, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Deeply understand their desires, motivations, and what they are looking for.

In this article, you’ll discover insights about how investors search for NFTs, what they pay attention to, what they ignore, and what makes them buy that specific NFT.

Check out this article, to help you identify your target audience and their motivations.


  • The NFT market is growing daily. New tools and marketplaces are being created to establish the ecosystem, educate investors and reduce cheaters and scam projects by preventing quick and easy money opportunities.
  • The NFT supply in the market is quite large, which makes the competition even tougher.
  • Releasing an NFT collection and succeeding takes time. You need a results-driven NFT marketing strategy, budget, and resourcefulness.

Check out our infographic on NFT History.

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