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The 8 Ways

THE 8 WAYS is a collection of 4998 NFT’s, each representing A WARRIOR as a digital art piece.

The 8 Ways
The 8 Ways
The 8 Ways

Mint Date: TBA

Mint Price: TBA

Whitelist: Yes

# of Items: 4,998

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Set in a future ruled by warring clans whose sole goal is to acquire lands and economic wealth, one clan appeared to be destined to rule them all.

Randell Khan was the name of this clan.

With a warrior army hell-bent on wreaking as much havoc and destruction as possible, it appears only a matter of time before the world falls into their hands. Unfortunately for Randell Khan, mistakes have been made – mistakes that cannot be undone.

Years ago, in their haste to assemble their warrior army, they enlisted only the most noble fighters they could find – warriors who lived by a code, warriors who couldn't be corrupted, and warriors who blindly followed their leader, Cooper Rin.

Their refusal to kill innocent people repeatedly made the Randell Khan appear weak to their enemies. As a result, Bantian Foo – the clan's highest leader – issued an order that would forever alter the game.

Every member of the Khan warriors was poisoned with a substance that would turn them into mindless killers in the hope that they could be easily controlled by the clan. And, just for good measure, the warriors' families were murdered in an attempt to erase all traces of the noble warriors' existence.

However, when the poison took hold, it destroyed their bodies but not their minds. And, despite the fact that the warriors were dead and rotting, their strength increased and they no longer felt physical pain.

These were the Undead Warriors, soon to be known as the Cooper Rin, and their main goal was vengeance.

When Randell Khan heard this, he gathered a new group of warriors. These rogue warriors had no loyalty to the Clan and only one code: money. They made an agreement with Randell Khan: the more Cooper Rin they killed, the more money they received.

Soon after, large corporations protected by the Randell Khan began to show interest in the kill rates of specific warriors, and offered sponsorship to ensure their companies' protection. Others quickly followed, and as more companies became warrior sponsors, the battles were televised and gambled on. Companies scrambled for protection as the warriors' armour was now covered in sponsorship logos, while the Randell Khan reaped the benefits.

This was not, however, a one-sided battle. The Cooper Rin was a formidable fighting force. And, despite the fact that their bodies were dying, their desire for Khan's blood was insatiable.

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