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Cyber Gorillas

CyberWeapons act as the 3rd $GRILLA mint installment in our P2E ecosystem.

Cyber Gorillas
Cyber Gorillas
Cyber Gorillas
Mint: Mar 1

Mint Date: Mar 1

Mint Price: TBA

Whitelist: Yes

# of Items: 3,333

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About Collection
Owning each collection provides a set bonus that will provide benefits in the future. When stacked with the other collections in our ecosystem, each collection will have different twists and effects to provide you with an engaging and diverse way of playing, encouraging game theory and strategizing the most efficient way to earn enough $GRILLA to rule the Jungle.

Season 1 provides holders with a sense of value and exclusivity by holding their collections through both of our small supply capped collections and the consistency of deflationary mechanics throughout the season in order to ensure holders tribe is respected and maintains a level of notoriety amongst the wider NFT scene.

There are a few things that 99 percent of other P2E projects fail on, and this can severely limit the longevity of value that play to EARN projects provide. It is critical to keep things balanced and in demand. When you peg a token's value or fail to keep deflationary measures above its constant inflationary supply, things start to fall apart.

It's critical to get this right.

With CyberGorillas, we've hit the nail on the head with hundreds, if not thousands, of collective hours. Ensuring that the economics of every single release and what it brings to our ecosystem are perfectly balanced.

Season 2 (starting in April 2022)

Without going into too much detail too soon, here's what we're looking at:

HUGE Through various layers of gamification, we have made advancements to our browser-based P2E, multi-collection ecosystem, such as;

- Daily and weekly quests are available to you based on the foundation of your tribe.
- Reward system for those who complete their tasks, which includes $GRILLA bonuses, WL opportunities, and collection upgrades.
- Aggressive deflationary mechanics to keep token circulation low as we exit season 1 immediately. (NB: I recognize that we cannot simply leave people yielding without further introductions to the system; we have systems and roll outs in place to ensure that this is always kept low.)
- Collaborating with other projects to develop a MULTI-VERSE P2E ecosystem. (Think about that for a second; it's huge.)

The future of CyberGorillas is scalable, advanced, and rewarding. We're going to annihilate this. Let's get started!

Other Upcoming Drops

Shell Rebels

May 5

10.000 Shell Rebels on the ethereum blockchain

SignificantSignificant collection


Jun 1

The love for our own planet and its inhabitants is the moving power behind this NFT collection.


Jun 1

Winds are polluted, Earth is polluted. We are AI. Transcend and join us in the cloud. Where life begins. Limited collection of 3000 NFTs

Women in Yoga

Jun 8

Connecting people to yoga through NFT Art living on the Ethereum network. We are artists at heart.

Collections in Secondary Market

Mythology Apes Club

Mar 1

They didn't want to be alone, they wanted to go home. They now march as one against the Gods.

SignificantSignificant collection

Hungry Hamster Club

Apr 30

Hungry Hamster (HH) is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn & generative NFT hamsters

Mellow Monks

Apr 26

Mellow Monk is a monk who comes from someplace to aid people via an NFT art collection of 1111 unique images of a character.

Kogake Carbon

Jun 30

An invisible war is being fought on a daily basis & it cannot be won alone. Join our army of Kogake C22 Mechs that bridge the realms of DeFi & NFTs

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