Ethereum NFT Calendar

Nightmare Realm

Exciting new Horror NFT Project. Unique Dual mode pfp!
Jul 14

Bush Baby

Artwork is ready. Discord is open for all. The mint will be open soon, but you can still get early access by joining our allowlist raffle.
Jul 14

Lyke Island

GEN2: 'The Inhabitants of Lyke Island…And Where They Went…' minting Mid-July! A mysterious island with some strange goings on…

The Symms

The Symms are unique, awe-inspiring #creatures that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Jul 16

Nifty Tiger

Nifty Tiger Club believes in a World full of Joy, Wisdom, Freedom, and Harmony.

Wealthy Teds

10,200 luxury NFTs that allow you to enjoy different high-end experiences and create generational wealth Join our whitelist now!


The Official Twitter for Nickelodeon, USA! Stream your fav shows now on @ParamountPlus


A Mug is all you need to maximize your NFT profits. Analytics | Mass bidding | Bulk buy | Portfolio tracker | Node and much more only for 0.028 ETH

Cybergenic Wolves Laboratory

Futuristic, Empowering, Freehand NFT Collection. 5000 Clones The Laboratory opens its doors soon..

Multiversal Walkers

Multiversal Walkers are designed and animated by artist Andre Boyd
Jul 12

Aftermath Apes

When you mint an aftermathapes NFT you get your very own plot of land on the Aftermath Apes Island Metaverse and 3Davatar for FREE!
Jul 13


After the near destruction of their world, dogkind’s survivors return and try to rebuild..
Jul 15


Degen Pass your entry ticket to Degenverse. Enjoy VIP access to all casinos that we partner with and reap its benefits!

Badger Buddiez

BadgerBuddiez are 10,000 unique digital NFTcollectibles living on the Blockchain .


... operationSIN... exclusive invite NFT.... turn on notifications… we must make this operation successful, our fate depends on it


A series of unique multi-player games that allows players to play and own cosmetics on the ETH chain.

Meta Chameleon Society

"Metachameleonsociety" is a project of 2,500 unique NFTs on the ETH blockchain, with interesting and variety challenges, giveaways, and content.

The Rich

The Art Group creating NFT collections.

The Last Days Metaverse

First official playable metaverse characters generated by Artificial Intelligence, each with unique stats and abilities.

World of Mars

nft creator of the metaverse
Jul 25

Exclusive Shark

Exclusive Shark Club is an interactive P2E collection of 7,777 randomly generated NFTs swimming in the Ethereum Blockchain
Jul 28

Mutant Musks

Are you ready to explore Mars? 10k NFT Mutant Musks are waiting for you in the Mars Metaverse. Gameplay coming soon!
Jul 30


7,000 members charting super yachts in the Metaverse
Jul 31

Golden Key Society

A collection of leading masterminds throughout the world and the metaverse. Education, Networking, and Financial Opportunity.
Jul 27

Black Block

BLACKBLOCK's Financial Freedom, Web3, Decentralization
Aug 12

Psycho Sushi Clan

NoT INSANE... jUSt a LiTtle PSYCHO...
Aug 14

The Causeways

Ethentic combines the anticipation and excitement of on-chain generative art.
Jul 14


3888 NFT Project that brings fam together to save bunny IRL.
Jul 14


Porkchamps is a collection of adorable, battle-ready NFTs, that spread laughter and joy to the NFT community.
Jul 14


The Official NFT from Boxing legend Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.
Jul 15


Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum is a blockchain-based technology best known for its native cryptocurrency, ether, known as ETH or just Ethereum. Because of the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, the Ethereum network is secure, and this security allows ETH to increase in value. Today, Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain for NFTs. For a variety of reasons, Ethereum allows NFTs to function: It’s easy to prove ownership sign because transaction history and token information are publicly verifiable. In ETH blockchain It’s nearly impossible to “steal” ownership of a transaction once it’s been confirmed. The “backend” of all Ethereum goods is the same. To put it another way, all Ethereum products can communicate with one another, making NFTs transferable across products. Thus you can easily purchase an NFT on one product and sell it on another. You can list your NFTs on several items at once as a creator, and each product will have the most up-to-date ownership information. Because Ethereum is decentralized and safe, the entire NFT ecosystem functions. You and everyone else can verify you own something since it is decentralized. All without having to trust or provide control to a third party who can impose their own regulations whenever they want.

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