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The Endangered Tigers

The Endangered Tigers NFT collection is Asia's first socially conscious NFT made by a 13 year old.

The Endangered Tigers
The Endangered Tigers
The Endangered Tigers
Mint: Jan 29

Pre-Mint Date: Jan 29

Pre-Mint Time: 13:00 UTC

Pre-Mint Price: 0.68 SOL

Mint Date: Jan 29

Mint Time: 14:00 UTC

Mint Price: 0.88 SOL

Whitelist: Yes

# of Items: 5,888

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The Endangered Tigers NFT collection was made by a 13-year-old artist who is passionate about art and saving the tigers and this is where the whole project began.

The Endangered Tigers is aimed at bringing awareness to the endangered tigers across the world and to do something about it. Proceeds will be donated to charities, tiger sanctuaries, towards creating marketing material for this NFT, and our head artist’s college fund. 

The majority of the team is of South Asian descent; despite all of the wildlife sanctuaries and conservation efforts, seeing a symbol of our culture get slowly wiped out of existence is something we all feel deeply disturbed by and want to make a difference. 

Who are the Endangered Tigers? 

A long time ago, the lion was a Chinese Zodiac sign in place of the Tiger. We were not always seen as divine, we were left out of the mystic Zodiac animals. 

One day, the Jade Emperor heard that the Tiger was a courageous being and capable of great feats. The Emperor ordered him to go to heaven and wait for his opportunity to prove himself worthy.

When the Heavenly Tiger arrived at the Heavenly Palace, the Jade Emperor was so happy to see the magnificent creature that he carved a vertical line among the three horizontal lines. Therefore, creating an eye-catching Chinese character "王" (King) on the forehead of the Tiger.

The Tiger King has been sitting and watching its Descendants. The atrocities faced by his kind at the hands of the humans. It is time for him to return with his army of Descendants.

The animal kingdom is devastated by poachers who seek to profit from the suffering of the poor animals and steal our beautiful skin. 
As the year of the Ox comes to an end, the time for the Tigers to rise is here. The Tiger King brings blessings, prosperity, and protection to the world and our kind.

We are the Endangered Tigers and together we will make a difference.

How will we make a difference?

The team will contribute 25% of all mint proceedings to the cause and the young artist's college.

We want the NFTs to be a symbol for the holders to showcase their passion towards the wildlife and to help improve the lives of this generation and future generations of Tigers worldwide. 

When is the public mint and how much will it be?

The public mint will be on the 29th of Jan, 2pm UTC. Mint price will be 0.88 SOL

What is the utility of our NFT?
- DAO oriented selection for charities and future causes
- Airdrops and giveaways for holders
    - Physical gifts for premium holders
    - Virtual plaques to authenticate support of cause
- Holder only parties, events, and networking events
- Fully funded trip to safari for lucky holders
- And much more…

Check out our website to learn more:

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