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Radiant Robots

7,777 Radiant Robots deploying March! | $200k+ in giveaways and donations | 3D art with rarities

Radiant Robots
Radiant Robots
Radiant Robots
Mint: Mar 24

Pre-Mint Date: Mar 18

Pre-Mint Time: 19:00 UTC

Pre-Mint Price: 0.65 ETH

Mint Date: Mar 24

Mint Time: 19:00 UTC

Mint Price: 0.85 ETH

Whitelist: Yes

# of Items: 7,777

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About Collection
MARCH 11, 2022 EARLY BIRD SALE (.055 ETH) There is no whitelist, and there is no BS. Radiant Robots is a collection of 7,777 individually curated voxel Robots, each with their own set of attributes and rarities | Radiant Robots is a truly community-based project created for the community, by the community | Being a member of the Radiant Robot community grants you exclusive access to the Radiant Robot DAO, exclusive giveaways, private airdrops, a dedicated community for holders, and much more.
"Why isn't there a whitelist?" is a frequently asked question.
Our first project does not have a whitelist because we want to build an organic community first. Many projects force a whitelist while oblivious to the fact that they are encouraging an inorganic community. Creating a whitelist, more often than not, forces people to have conversations they don't want to have with people they don't want to talk to to receive a reward: the NFT. There will be a whitelist for our second project with a discounted mint price (releasing Q3 of 2022) for our members who buy and keep their Radiant Robot, are genuinely active in our Discord and other social media accounts, and have a genuine interest in our community!
Our team is made up of cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts with years of experience in a variety of fields. Radiant Robots was founded by three co-founders who were tired of fake, inorganic communities, 2D animal art, and projects that didn't care about our members. Our slogan is "for the community, by the community," and this is true because all of our team members are active in the community, constantly interacting and discussing various topics in our Discord channels such as video games, sports, cars, and more.
Our team is working hard to become a household NFT name, and we have BIG plans for the future, which you can see on our official website:
Today is the perfect time to join one of the fastest-growing communities!

Other Upcoming Drops

Shell Rebels

May 5

10.000 Shell Rebels on the ethereum blockchain

SignificantSignificant collection


Jun 1

The love for our own planet and its inhabitants is the moving power behind this NFT collection.


Jun 1

Winds are polluted, Earth is polluted. We are AI. Transcend and join us in the cloud. Where life begins. Limited collection of 3000 NFTs

Women in Yoga

Jun 8

Connecting people to yoga through NFT Art living on the Ethereum network. We are artists at heart.

Collections in Secondary Market

Living Lands

Jun 25

10K NFTs Built on Polygon‼️ 25-50% dividends every year when staking our nfts

SignificantSignificant collection


Jun 15

3333 Abstractions sent to the solana ecosystem to try and blend in with humanity!


Jun 2

The first NFT constructor on Solana. Build your citizens and houses to form a new city and earn $BRICKZ. LEGO Group does not sponsor or endorse this project.

Contract Bunnies

Apr 5

1111 contract bunnies in the Solana blockchain. Mercenaries for hire with the sole purpose to be the No. 1 Contract Bunny.

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