Solana NFT Calendar

Monkey Squad

Monkey Squad DAO - is a collection of 2000 generated NFTs on the SOLANA blockchain. Each NFT is unique and has its own r
Jul 9

Bored Tigers

Tigers Club is a generative Art collection of 555 unique NFTs that will serve as the genesis release to larger metaverse.
Jul 16

Chimp Kidz

Chimp Kidz NFT is a Collection of 888 unique chimps living on the Solana blockchain.
Jul 15

Forest Industrial

Forest Industry is a collection of 777 animated cards on the Solana blockchain.
Jul 16

Slicker Cats

Always stay one step ahead with the Slicker Tool, Solana fastest Auto Mint platform
Jul 24


888 Unique ‘Crypto Punk Style’ Emo Rappers available for the first time. Rare and limited in number to pay tribute to the underground pioneers.

NFT Leaguez

Play. Dunk. Earn. Coming to Solana in July Welcome to the Leaguez
Jul 16


1111 Snuggles are launched into the metaverse! All Snuggles are unique, 2D built to unite the metaverse!
Jul 15

Wise NFT Club

WISE NFT CLUB - We Grow Together

Bull Cub

This is the 2500 NFT Serie 1 collection from the BulClubNFT project.
Jul 13

Tokyo Food

Tokyo Food is a collection consisting of 777 NFTs generated on the solana blockchain. Each NFT is unique and carries a v
Jul 10

Oldschool Degen Monkey

Degen Monkeys have returned from the Moon.It seems they are going to show a real OLDSCHOOL.Who is the real ODMonkey now?
Jul 6

Pog Digital

POG™-Player Owned Gaming, 10 Billion POGS Sold
Jul 12


Tukowsky is an exclusive collection of 1.000 Tukos roaming across the chain. Be a Tukos. Where your identity matters.
Aug 23


The first Lounge/Nightclub built in the metaverse, Where NFT holders will get exclusive access to the lounge
Oct 6


WAJOG's is an NFT project of 6.2k unique rappers on the SOLANA blockchain.
Aug 7


Keep it RAW and REAL ! Them Badlions are coming to the SOLANA ! No more charming NFTs ! Join the GANG !

Armageddon Cars

The Cars of the Armageddon consists of 6666 NFTs and with our Goals we will be King of Solana

Dope Dudes

Dope Dudes are 2,222 unique NFTs with over 350 assets which are to conquer the Solana marketplaces.
Jul 15


A revolutionary Play-And-Earn Ecosystem for Web 3.0 Sci-fi Genesis Collection that will be your enter key to RyberVerse

Mad Musky Army

Exclusive Collection of 3,000 Muskies The best army in the Solana Universe
Jul 21

Space Heroes

Space Heroes is a collection of 4444 heroes on the Solana blockchain.
Jul 9

Panda Miners

A collection of Pandas that invest in Defi projects & give the rewards back to the NFT holders
Aug 20

Crypto Chávez

An amazing collection of 2222 Crypto Chavez ready to shock the metaverse throught Solana!

Open Minds

An NFT collection changing the industry. Powered by Bleak Valley

Drippy Sharks

We are the only 3333 sharks that are willing to share the profits of our business with everyone else in the Solana shark tank.
Aug 14


Prepare for Change.

Kikai Kenshi

We are 3,333 Kikai Kenshi, living on Nebulon 7. Ready to destroy Earth and steal blockchain technology

Angry Buns Club

Leader of the Angry Buns Club. NFT project for Vegans Animal Activists and Environmentalists
Aug 1

Quirky Pencil

A philanthropy gamified NFT project focused on promoting quality education. Our unique collection of 5,000 NFTs are loaded with plenty of perks for holders.


Solana Blockchain

Solana is a decentralized blockchain that provides an open infrastructure to creators in order to free them from predatory intermediaries and platforms. The network is lightning fast and secure, with transaction fees of less than a penny. It is the world’s fastest blockchain and the fastest expanding crypto ecosystem, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more. Solana’s blockchain connection with the NFT Marketplace also enables reduced gas fees by maintaining control over network traffic rates. It keeps NFT enthusiasts in our crypto marketplace supporting Solana-based NFT Marketplace initiatives. Another advantage of Solana is its NFT Marketplace Development promises to avoid the issues encountered by other NFT Marketplaces built on Ethereum, EOS, and so on. Congestion on the network is a clear reason why users are migrating to other NFT marketplaces. To avoid such prevalent issues, Solana accelerates transaction rates, allowing NFT business models to migrate to Solana blockchains. Creating a business in the Solana blockchain is considered a good idea as the future relies on the decentralized marketplace for handling large transfers. Here’s some information on Solana. Solana can handle up to 50,000 transactions per second (TPS). In fact, the company claims that as the network expands, that number might rise to 700,000 TPS. To put things into perspective, Ethereum currently processes 15 to 45 TPS.

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