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Wolves Of Rome

A digital collection of 3D Animated werewolf bust statues from the Wolves of Rome universe, minted on Cardano.
Jul 29

Yolo Solos

Yolo Solos are always pushing limits. You only live once, after all. Can your Yolo Solo outlast the rest?
Jul 16

The Doberman Club

We are pleased to announce that the first Dobermans have arrived on the cardano blockchain

Super Deformed

4000 Non-auto generated CNFTs. Pop culture inspired, Cardano community driven
Jul 23

Project Maverick

First CNFT Play to Earn Surfing Game
Jul 23


Explore 1000 CNFT worlds powered by the Cardano Blockchain. The true metaverse starts here.
Jul 5

Thirsty Dog Crew

Thirsty Dog Crew on Cardano
Jul 10


5,625 NFTs launching on Cardano blockchain - July 2022 Launchpad for hundreds of Web3 projects
Jul 7

Mythic Saga

Welcome to π–™π–π–Š π–’π–žπ–™π–π–Žπ–ˆ π–˜π–†π–Œπ–†!
Jul 7

β‚³lien Peace Force

Get commercial rights and a free companion NFT.

EL Matador

Official account for EL Matador Collections. Cardano only! Beware of copies!
Jul 3

Paper Head Club

The unique cnft PaperHeadClub has arrived, everybody knows them but they are still unknown..
Jul 2

The Summoner’s Guild

A Collection of 3D Animated Creatures on Cardano Collect, summon, fight & evolve in our P2E Pokemon GO style game
Jun 27

The Deadly Sins

The Official TDS Twitter | 6,666 Deadly Sins on the Cardano Blockchain
Jun 23


Into the world of CNFTs .An asset that can truly represents you!
Jun 21

Bored Wild Witches

BWW is 3D realistic art project releasing 555 unique NFTs in S1 in Cardano.
Jun 29

Wizards vs. Dragons

The Land of Ayges - Where Wizards war and Dragons ROAR!
Jul 1

Heart Catchers

7,777 of the most lovable hearts on Cardano
Jun 19

Kin Raidon

Inspired Anime Collection only for the Cardano blockchain!
Jun 18


First ever underwater city on the Cardano blockchain.
Jun 12

ASH Federation

1000 years after humans left for the stars, the monkeys have taken possession of the earth !
Jun 10

The Pride Club

Draw 2 tickets (Tomorrowland 2023) Pride token airdrop NFT stacking (earn $PRIDE)
Jun 14

Crypto Warrior

Play 2 Earn Tower Defense Cardano Phase 1/3 First Drop Limited 1,111 Mint - Play - Collect - Craft - Earn
May 31


Fengu represents the synergy between four earth elements. A collection of 5555 NFT's on the Cardano blockchain.
May 25


The humans have landed safely on planet UtopiaZ. Together with the ModZ they must devise a way to flourish.
Jun 11

Fitness Empire

Fitness Empire metaverse. First Move To Earn Platform On cardano Blockchain. Make sport and earn FEM token.
Jun 2

Wild Dogz

10k unique NFTs. 32 packs, 64 leaders, 64 battles, 15k ADA prize money. Will you have a dog in the fight?
May 28

Billy Bob Gang

A collection of 2,000 uniquely generated Billy NFT's on the Cardano blockchain
May 27

Vaca Ninja

The most bovine CNFT PlayToEarn project in town.
May 25


Cardano Blockchain

Cardano is one of the world’s largest blockchains, and it is gaining traction with world governments and states such as Ethiopia and Georgia to use the technology at the state level. This aids in the decentralization of governance and power, with the goal of instead empowering individuals. The Cardano cryptocurrency, symbol ADA, is named after the English mathematician and writer Augusta Ada King. In practice, ADA can be used in the same way as any other cryptocurrency, but it has yet to achieve the same level of acceptance as Bitcoin as a currency capable of competing with fiat money. With smart contracts already in place, Cardano’s future looks bright as it prepares to roll out its first generation of dApps. Activity on these dApps is increasing on a daily basis, and it is expected that Cardano’s more solid platform will take some of the wind out of Ethereum’s sails. Cardano is also projected to gain headway on Ethereum in the NFT arena, with marketplaces like Verlux aiming to be the blockchain’s counterpart of OpenSea and Rarible. According to recent data, Cardano is second only to Ethereum in terms of development activity, demonstrating a trust in the network that will keep it around longer than some competitors.

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